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YOU'RE A WINNER!!!! (Well at least you could be!)

Welcome to our California Super Lottery software web site. This site is hosted by Basicsoft software.

Have you ever wanted to play the lottery with your own "special" numbers? Well now you can!. By using our custom Cal Lotto software you can create your own random six digit numbers to play in the next lotto jackpot. Will this increase your chances of winning? Only time will tell! If you do win though, let us know and we'll place your picture on our web site no matter how much you've won.

Place your order now for our Super Lottery Software! For a cost of only $10.00 how can you loose! To order send only $2.00 (to cover shipping cost) now to the address below.

3700 Olds Road #70
Oxnard, Ca 93033

Make check or money order out to
Ben Jimenez. When we receive your order you will be sent the latest version of our software. After you try the software and decide to keep it, send the remaining $8.00 to the address above. If you decide not to keep the software just return it to us and you owe nothing. How can you beat that!

Please specifiy 3.5", 5.25", CD-ROM or e-mail when ordering.

Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME, 8mb RAM, 5mb Hard drive space, and floppy or CD-ROM. Sound card recommended.

Contact Info: Ben Jimenez

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